Global Expansion

When you dream, dream big, because a forceful presence in every major territory in the world, is a highly achievable dream.

Innovations in communication and information available real-time around the world, have created shrinking global markets that facilitate expansion. However, it takes a blend of experience, knowledge and skill to formulate and skilfully execute a Corporate Global Expansion Strategy. Our panel of Global Experts dispersed across all major continents, come with decades of experience in enabling corporations and individuals to set up and run successful businesses in new geographic locations. Creating Strategic Partnerships and supporting Multinational Expansion are some of the services that we have to offer.

We can engage with you on any or all of the following action points to successfully conquer your target continent/country:

  • In-depth research into your company to identify strengths that will fuel expansion
  • Assess suitability of your operational model and modus operandi, to support global market entry and penetration
  • Create a Global Expansion Strategy
  • Identify ideal target markets
  • Build business models for sustainable growth in local markets
  • Identify growth partners and assess opportunities for partnerships
  • Lend support services that include but are not limited to identifying locations for operation, buying/leasing office space and hiring of Leadership

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