Our Origin & Growth

High Places International Consulting Pvt Ltd was established in 2005 by a bunch of tenacious mavericks from diverse professional backgrounds. Initiating operations by catering to the headhunting needs of a local clientele, the organization has in the span of one decade, successfully built a global brand with specialized experience in Leadership Consulting in 40 countries.

The predominant focus of our growth story was Board Selection, CXO & Leadership Hiring and Executive Coaching in Global Markets. Our rabid Global Networking in the top echelons for Multi-billion dollar and Niche organizations alike,has created a critical mass of international contacts. This in turn has culminated in an Invaluable Human Network that enables us to easily and effectively access Leadership, anywhere in the world.

Our Global Team primarily consists of highly motivated partners, with a powerful blend of experience, skill and in-depth understanding of diverse sectors and regions. At the end of each day, we thrive on the satisfaction and success of connecting people & businesses and contributing to new economies. To know more, please refer to: www. Highplacesintl.com

Our Value Proposition

Our Corporate Services thrive on our identity as Relationship Hubs. Embedded deep in the industry and committed to forging successful partnerships,we are passionate about making successful and meaningful Connections – Businesses to opportunities, people to solutions, innovators to ideas, ideas to resources and Products/Services to target audience. We live and breathe the excitement of creating powerful human networks, architecting shared success stories and facilitating Smart connections.

What we bring to the table is Social Capital, a rich network accumulated through a decade of adding value to our clients and ability to authentically protect the needs of all stakeholders

Our Outreach

Global Leadership Consulting
Board & CEO | Leadership Hiring | Executive Search

Child welfare | Education | Rehabilitation

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